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Human Sciences and Education Career Field
Human Services Cluster

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State Model Programs of Study and Course Standards

Sequence of CTE CoursesIntroduction CourseIntermediate CourseCapstone Course
Child, Youth, and Family Studies
090123   Human Growth and Development (PDF)   -OR-
090101   Introduction to Human Science/FACS (PDF)   
090119   Child Development (PDF)   -OR-
090117   Parents and Families (PDF)   
090116   Interpersonal Relationships (PDF)   -OR-
320711   Human Services/FACS Work-Based Learning   -OR-
090104   Life and Career Readiness (PDF)   
Early Childhood Education and Services
090119   Child Development (PDF)   
090121   Early Childhood Education and Services (PDF)   
090122   Early Childhood Practicum (PDF)   
Nutrition and Wellness
090107   Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition (PDF)   
090124   Nutrition (PDF)   
090125   Dietetics (PDF)   
Food Science
090107   Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition (PDF)   
090113   Food Science (PDF)   
320600   Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (PDF)   -OR-
032370   Entrepreneurship (PDF)   -OR-
032600   College Introduction to Entrepreneurship (PDF)   
090126   Intro to Design Principles (PDF)   
090103   Textile Construction (PDF)   -OR-
090109   Housing and Interior Design (PDF)   -OR-
090206   Fashion Design (PDF)   
320600   Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (PDF)   -OR-
032370   Entrepreneurship (PDF)   -OR-
032600   College Introduction to Entrepreneurship (PDF)   -OR-
090207   Business of Textiles   
Counseling and Mental Health
090101   Introduction to Human Science/FACS (PDF)   
090128   Careers in Mental Health (PDF)   -OR-
090127   Families in Crisis (PDF)   
151200   Psychology   -OR-
151210   AP Psychology   -OR-
151300   Sociology   
FNS: Nutrition and Food Science Certified
090107   Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition (PDF)   
090129   FNS Food Production, Nutrition and Health   
090130   FNS Food Science   -OR-
018082   FNS Nutrition Science   

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