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Health Sciences Career Field
Health Sciences Cluster

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State Model Programs of Study and Course Standards

Sequence of CTE CoursesIntroduction CourseIntermediate CourseCapstone Course
Health Sciences
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077301   Health Sciences 2 (PDF)   
077302   Health Sciences 3   
Health Informatics
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077301   Health Sciences 2 (PDF)   -OR-
077600   Medical Terminology (PDF)   
077800   Health Information Technology (PDF)   -OR-
077812   Health Information Management and Ethics   
Biotechnology Research
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077600   Medical Terminology (PDF)   -OR-
130210   Anatomy and Physiology   
012004   Agriculture Biotechnology (PDF)   -OR-
077304   Exploring the Clinical Lab (PDF)   
Therapeutic Certificated Services
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077301   Health Sciences 2 (PDF)   -OR-
077600   Medical Terminology (PDF)   
077400   Certificated Nursing Assistant (PDF)   -OR-
077402   Emergency Medical Technician/Cert (PDF)   -OR-
077444   Pharmacy Technician   -OR-
077401   Medication Aide (PDF)   -OR-
077446   Phlebotomy Technician   
Behavioral Health
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077301   Health Sciences 2 (PDF)   
077801   Behavorial Health 1 (PDF)   -AND-
077802   Behavorial Health 2 (PDF)   
Life Span Performance
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
130210   Anatomy and Physiology   -OR-
077600   Medical Terminology (PDF)   
077500   Introduction to Sports Medicine (PDF)   -OR-
077702   Human Life Cycle Nutrition (PDF)   -OR-
077601   Exercise Science   -OR-
077701   Performance Nutrition   
Allied/Public Health
077300   Health Sciences 1 (PDF)   
077301   Health Sciences 2 (PDF)   
077900   Allied Health and Medicine   -OR-
077303   Personal and Community Medical Issues/Public Health (PDF)   
PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science
077803   PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science 1   -AND-
077804   PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science 2   
PLTW Human Body Systems
077805   PLTW Human Body Systems 1   -AND-
077806   PLTW Human Body Systems 2   
PLTW Medical Interventions
077807   PLTW Medical Interventions 1   -AND-
077808   PLTW Medical Interventions 2   
PLTW Biomedical Innovation
077809   PLTW Biomedical Innovation 1   -AND-
077810   PLTW Biomedical Innovation 2   

Health Sciences
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